Protein Solutions
Calorimetry, Research and Consulting

Protein Solutions provides a range of scientific services such as assistance in experimental research, theory-based interpretation of data, as well as "know how" and consulting in protein/peptide stability and thermodynamics.

Upcoming Events

July 18, 2012

World Drug Target/Deliver Online Symposium Series

Past Events


Lecture presentation at GE Healthcare meeting on label-free technology in Copenhagen University, Denmark

Lecture presentation at TA Instruments workshop and seminar at Roskilde University, Denmark

Experimental assistance and project-based research
  • Biophysical characterization: ITC, DSC, CD, spectrophotometry, DLS.
  • Short trial experiments and project-oriented research
  • Data analysis and fitting, model building
Calorimetry consulting
  • ITC and DSC user training
  • Design, interpretation and troubleshooting of experiments
  • Scientific reporting of the results
Education/ Lectures
  • Protein folding and stability
  • Thermodynamics of stability and intermolecular interaction
  • Applications of calorimetry
Scientific graphics
  • Design of graphical abstracts
  • Flash movies for conference presentations and teaching