Protein Solutions
Calorimetry, Research and Consulting

Protein Solutions provides a range of scientific services such as assistance in experimental research, theory-based interpretation of data, as well as "know how" and consulting in protein/peptide stability and thermodynamics.

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July 18, 2012

World Drug Target/Deliver Online Symposium Series

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Lecture presentation at GE Healthcare meeting on label-free technology in Copenhagen University, Denmark

Lecture presentation at TA Instruments workshop and seminar at Roskilde University, Denmark

Biophysical characterization

Since protein function and stability depend largely on their structure (or the lack of one), every characterization attempt should begin with determination of overall structural characteristics. CD is a good technique to start with. In addition, you can use CD for the investigation of protein stability. Below is a recipe for how it’s done — if you use this approach in a publication do not forget to reference Nick Pace’s work. Here you can find a description of how to use any non-calorimetric data to obtain

  • Gibbs free energy of denaturation
  • Denaturation enthalpy (coming up...) be continued