Protein Solutions
Calorimetry, Research and Consulting

Protein Solutions provides a range of scientific services such as assistance in experimental research, theory-based interpretation of data, as well as "know how" and consulting in protein/peptide stability and thermodynamics.

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July 18, 2012

World Drug Target/Deliver Online Symposium Series

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Lecture presentation at GE Healthcare meeting on label-free technology in Copenhagen University, Denmark

Lecture presentation at TA Instruments workshop and seminar at Roskilde University, Denmark


Graphics is an important component of both printed and oral presentations. Good picture can make your point easier to understand by visually outlining the main message of your work. Simple and easy-to-read figures are always appreciated by a reader, as well as they give a good impression. I can help you creating stylish figures/pictures for scientific publications. The graphics work is done in MS Excel and Power Point.

Many journals (e.g. publications of American Chemical Society) recognize the benefits of a graphical summary and require all submitted articles toinclude Graphical Abstracts. Unfortunately, to avoid extra work, the authors often choose a figure from the article and present it as the Graphical Abstract. This is both unimaginative and boring, and it fails to describe the overall point of the submitted work. To avoid these disasters, let me create a real abstract that reflects the whole article, rather than one individual result.


Unlike static images, movies can show the dynamics of the system and thus represent a step forward towards understanding of molecular processes. They help your imagination by showing a subject from different angles or a process through the consecutive steps. For example, a short cartoon below shows the same protein as on the image to the left. However, watching the cartoon makes it easier to see the whole structure of the protein.

All movies are made in Adobe Flash according to your own description, available molecular structures, and so on. Below, are two examples of cartoons, made on human growth hormone. To order your own movie send me an e-mail.

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